Meet the team

Syanna Farr

Marketing Executive - part time

Syanna is responsible for all aspects of marketing ensuring that Hereford BID businesses are continually updated on projects that drive footfall to the city. Her work also includes marketing to consumers via a number of channels including direct mail, social media and outdoor events.

Hannah McCourt

Hereford BID Projects & Crime Reduction Administrator - part time

Hannah is responsible for the City's DISC Security System, paid and operated by Hereford BID, and follows up on criminal incidents with our businesses, ensures intelligence is shared with everyone and supports shops/users in using the system. 

Hannah also provides project administration support in the office. 

Mike Truelove

Operations Manager - full time

Mike is responsible for the delivery of the Hereford BID Business Plan including responsibility for day to day running of the company and managing the delivery team. He previously worked as a Business Manager for Hoople where he advised and supported local businesses and before that was a project manager for HVOSS helping to develop and grow their Community Transport charity.

For any queries on the BID, initiatives that you think could help Hereford or problems that you are struggling with, Mike is your first point of contact and will always be keen to see that Hereford BID levy payers receive value for money.

Chris Wood

Lead Handyman - part time

Chris is Hereford BID's lead handyman and proudly ensures that street enhancements are made so that Hereford is not only ready for business but is welcoming and as attractive as possible.

Responsible for a small team of street enhancers, Chris oversees work as well as reporting anything that needs attention by the Council such as emptying bins, dirty signs etc. The work businesses pay for are enhancements to the Council's role and Chris makes sure that Hereford BID complements this but not replaces it.


Georgia Smith

Consultant to Hereford BID - part time

Georgia brings over 20 years’ experience of town centres and tourism to Hereford BID. She is an award-winning Town Centre Manager, having worked in Gloucester and Worcester before setting up Town Crafting, a consultancy specialising in BID development and management. Georgia has been the ATCM’s Town Teams Adviser for the Midlands and, as well as leading the Hereford steering group through the process of ballot and set-up, she has also advised a number of other cities including Cheltenham, Wolverhampton and Worcester.

She currently leads on strategy and major projects for Hereford, as well as providing financial management and general advice on BIDs to the Hereford Board.

The BID Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors use their experience and knowledge of the City to direct the Hereford BID team in the delivery of the business plan. They also ensure that the funds of the BID are used efficiently and honestly for the purpose of making our City prosperous.

The Hereford BID Board is currently made up of the following Members:

Sarah Caton

Representative of Multiple Retailer

Manager, Monsoon Hereford

Christian Dangerfield

Representative of Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Director, The Green Dragon Hotel, Broad Street

Bill Sewell

Representative of Leisure/ Tourism and Hospitality Sector

All Saints Cafe

Bill runs the very well known All Saints Cafe situated inside All Saints Church.

A restaurateur of some 30 years, he has a thorough understanding of the sector and understands how this fast paced industry is transforming among ever-changing consumer tastes and expectations. Bill is also vice-chair to the board.

Nick Webster

Representative of Herefordshire County Council

Herefordshire Council - Economic Development Manager

Nick represents Herefordshire County Council and as the County's Economic Development Manager understands the success of the city centre is vital to the wider prosperity of the region.







Jade Owens

Representative of the Independent Retailer

Owner of The Den, Bridge Street Hereford

Matt Hayes

Representative of the Professional sector & Acting Chair

Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors

Matt is head of regional solicitor’s firm ‘Harrison Clark Rickerbys incorporating Gordon Lutton’ office in Hereford and started his legal career as a solicitor in Hereford in 2001.  

“I love Hereford and Herefordshire and have been working with businesses in the town and county for all of my professional career.    I have become involved in the BID to try and help improve the environment for businesses in the centre of Hereford.   If we can increase the number of people visiting and spending time in Hereford by making this as easy as possible and making the environment as attractive as possible, it will surely lead to greater prosperity for all the businesses in the area. Working on this must be a win-win for consumers and businesses alike.”

Simon Whiting

Representative of the Property Sector and Centre Manager of Maylord Shopping Centre

Maylord Shopping Centre, Trinity Square

Along with his team, Simon has managed Maylord Shopping Centre for over two years and has been closely involved in the rejuvenation of the centre resulting in a thriving and favourite stop for shoppers seeking both independent and multi-national names. 

Kieran Smith

Representative of the Multi-national sector

Specsavers, Maylord Street

Kieran is a partner along with other family members of Specsavers, Hereford, and has a strong passion to see Hereford thrive as a retail destination.

“Being a partner of one of the leading Opticians in the City we are heavily invested in making our business a continue success; something that can only be achieved if only all business unites together to present Hereford as the destination of choice for regional shoppers.”. 


Ruth Denison

Representative of the Independent Retailer

St. Michaels Hospice, Eign Gate

Ruth represents the independent retailer and is Director of Income Generation and Marketing for the organisation. With Ruth's unique view and strong experience of finance and marketing, she is passionate about seeing Hereford put on the map through events and promotion so that businesses may reap the benefits.

Alan Anderson

Representative of the Old Market/ Property Sector

Old Market Shopping Centre

Alan is Centre Manager for the Old Market Shopping Centre as well as a long serving board member representing the Property Sector.

Alan has a deep understanding of shopping centres and their connectivity to the locality; getting the offer right is instrumental in helping to create a thriving location that people talk about. "Since I have been at the Old Market I have watched the centre and city transform and grow - there is a real buzz about the town". With his experience also comes a knowledge of national trends including data on the performance of the region in relation to competing locations - this has been critical in helping Hereford BID understand the positioning of the city in attracting new visitors.

Ali Rogers

Representative of the Independent retailer

Escape, Church Street

Ali has successfully owned, managed and run several local companies, setting up her first business in 1986, and has brought up her family in Hereford. In recent years, Ali has been busy providing consultancy services as well as maintaining her interest in Hereford by continuing to open and develop businesses throughout the City.

Board Elections

If you are a Hereford BID levy payer and are interested in joining the Board we would be delighted to hear from you. All applications are considered by the existing Board and we welcome representation from all sectors of the business community.

Supporting Member

In addition to the company Directors, the following also attend Board meetings to support the work of HBID

Stephen Kerry

Clerk to the City Council

Hereford City Council

Steve represents Hereford City Council and acts as an observer on the Hereford BID Board. Although he has no voting rights, Steve is well placed to offer support and experience in helping HBID make the city a better place and regularly reports back to Parish Councilors who actively support Hereford BID through grant sponsoring, influence and advice.





Cllr. Paul Stevens

Supporting member

Paul has been a previous retail manager of many years in Hereford and understand first hand the challenges that shops currently face.

Also serving as a Parish Councilor, Paul provides a valuable link between Hereford BID and the City Council, helping us to navigate local issues whilst ensuring city business needs are always served first and foremost in all endevours.