Safety and Security

Recent projects delivered or in progress


DISC MOBILE & PC SECURITY APP | We upgraded our ‘Facewatch’ security app to a superior product called ‘DISC’ with a system supporting the day and night time economies. In the first year of its operation we signed up over 130 businesses. A part-time member of staff was recruited to support members with DISC as well as drive forward the intelligence shared and any news on relevant outcomes such as court action.


TEAM HEREFORD | Hereford BID led Team Hereford in collaboration with partners and businesses including the Police, CCTV, City Council, Vennture, HAND, Herefordshire Council, BBLP and so on. Chairing the Operational Group and Gold Group, we have influenced Hereford’s security focus and improved communications between partners, highlighting key themes of member’s concerns such as begging, homelessness, street drinking, open drug taking, shop theft and ASB to name but a few.


BUSINESS REPRESENTATION | Regular one-to-one meetings with the Police are held to discuss member issues and crime trends. One such example was criminal damage that had been caused to planters by the Kerry Pub. This resulted in a suspect being arrested and later charged.


DAY TIME STREET AMBASSADORS | We originally applied together with Vennture and was granted Police Crime Commissioner funding to set up a pilot team of branded Volunteers who will sign post and assist visitors and shoppers with help in several areas such as directions, assistance for the elderly, sign posting available help, tourist information and liaison with businesses in such areas as crime reporting and use of the DISC Security System. The project is no longer a pilot and thrives as a service to Hereford with volunteering at it's heart.


PURPLE FLAG ACCREDITATION | Hereford BID played a key role in supporting Vennture with their successful application for Purple Flag accreditation – a national scheme indicating a location has a high standard for a safe and enjoyable night out.


HANDY PERSON EYES & EARS | Actively watching and reporting issues that they see on the streets.


ANTI-SOCIAL INITIATIVES | In collaboration with the Police, Hereford BID part funded a powerful poster campaign with the aim of reducing anti-social behaviour in specific hot spots. Posters reminded ‘would be offenders’ that they were being watched. In one city restaurant anti-social behaviour incidents fell by 50% following the campaign.


Highlights 130 businesses signed up to the powerful security app ‘DISC’ / Chaired 45 Team Hereford meetings in making Hereford safer / Purple Flag Status Achieved – Hereford BID major partner / Represented businesses direct to Police on 3 occasions / Helped reduce anti-social behaviour by 50% in a popular fast food venue


Since the middle of May, there have been two new CBO's put into place on reoccurring offenders, restricting their access to certain parts of Hereford City Centre. This is now being enforced by DISC users, as they are asked to log an incident on the system when they believe CBO conditions have been broken.


Contact has been made with neighbouring cities to appeal for information on a wanted male who was believed to have relocated. Within two days of Hereford BID contacting a partner BID team, the individual was arrested and relocated back to West Mercia Police for sentencing. Alone, with just these three offenders having restrictions, this will make a huge impact on the City Centre and in particular, businesses in their prohibited areas.


Hereford BID are giving away free 'Smile!' window vinyls to all businesses who are on DISC. The Vinyls measure just 10cm x 10cm and are reusable, so they won't take up too much of your valuable window space and won't leave any sticky residue behind. These vinyls are to be used as a deterrent for any offenders entering businesses and as a reminder that they are being watched.


Team Hereford (chaired by HBID) have recently focused on identifying the ‘Top Shoplifters’ in the city with an image and a brief outline uploaded onto DISC that businesses are aware.


During August, a DISC Training Session for Old Market Members has been arranged with a massive ten businesses attending. If you would like to arrange a training session for your staff or to join DISC, then please get in touch with Hannah McCourt at


Hereford BID have been worked alongside West Mercia Police focusing on how the Anti-Social Behaviour and Begging has affected businesses. Hannah McCourt has been to see a handful of businesses and taken Impact statements which have been passed onto the Police to use as part of a CBO (Criminal Behaviour Order) case in court.


We have had reports from West Mercia Police that a few businesses have received scam calls over the past couple of weeks. These calls have been made all across the city, but mainly King Street has been targetted. The caller will ask you about supporting education and The Cathedral School, however, London College has also been mentioned. The caller may state they are working in conjunction with the Police, however this is untrue.


Hereford BID has warned businesses to be vigilant this time of year as we approach Christmas. In previous year there has been a spike in travelling gang thefts and scams as the staffing levels are low currently.


September welcomed two new businesses onto DISC - Kiki's Juice Bar on St Owen Street and Printer & Tailor on Widemarsh Street.


Team Hereford have been working hard to divert young people away from crime/ASB. This can includes referrals to the likes of No Wrong Door/ YSS for follow up mentoring and support and weekly activities at the Castle Green. This provides an opportunity for young people to engage in various activities and to chat with youth workers.


Hereford City Centre reduces crime by 20% and ASB by 22% as part of Team Hereford initiative.