Increasing Footfall

To make sure Hereford thrives commercially in future years, we need to make it easy for shoppers, visitors and investors to find out about our great City…. and then we need to entice them here and show them just how good it is!

Key Achievements


We began using the Hereford City Life brand in all our customer publications and marketing campaigns online and through social media – this has now become the recognised brand of the City.


We conducted an opinion survey of over 400 Hereford consumers to help determine the key messages for future marketing


Commissioned the creation of a website for the City, Hereford City Life ( which will promote all businesses within the BID area including social media links and direct offers to the public


Created a regular electronic news bulletin for local businesses to inform them about the work of the BID with opportunities to increase footfall


Ran a promotional campaign for Christmas trading in 2015, with a leaflet door drop to 85,000 homes across the county


Ran a Christmas competition to start gathering consumer contact details to reuse for future marketing activities


Researched the provision of Wi-Fi working with Herefordshire Council. The system specified can provide us with rich data for future marketing purposes as well as provide a service to businesses and consumers whilst in the city centre


Launched Ferrous Event in partnership with Hereford College of the Arts


Hereford Business Improvement District used the Hereford City Life brand to deliver a wonderful Easter Trail Events centred around Alice In Wonderland, which brought people into the city and navigated them around different shops which they may not have otherwise visited.