Updates from Hereford BID Security! September

-  Hereford BID have been worked alongside West Mercia Police focusing on how the Anti-Social Behaviour and Begging has affected businesses.  Hannah McCourt has been to see a handful of businesses and taken Impact statements which have been passed onto the Police to use as part of a CBO (Criminal Behaviour Order) case in court.  If your business has been affected and you would like to see restrictions for particular individuals put into place, then please email Hannah McCourt (e-mail address below)

-  We have had reports from West Mercia Police that a few businesses have received scam calls over the past couple of weeks.  These calls have been made all across the city, but mainly King Street has been targetted.  The caller will ask you about supporting education and The Cathedral School, however, London College has also been mentioned.  The caller may state they are working in conjunction with the Police, however this is untrue.  Please be aware and if you have any concerns, questions or seek reassurance, please email Hannah McCourt.

-  Hereford BID has warned businesses to be vigilant this time of year as we approach Christmas.  In previous year there has been a spike in travelling gang thefts and scams as the staffing levels are low currently.

-  September welcomed two new businesses onto DISC - Kiki's Juice Bar on St Owen Street and Printer & Tailor on Widemarsh Street.

-  Finally, if you would like to arrange a training session for your staff or to join DISC, then please get in touch with Hannah McCourt at Hannah.mccourt@herefordbid.co.uk.