Team Hereford works towards a safer city

Helping to keep our city safe by communicating better.

Team Hereford was formed in April 2016 in recognition of the fact that many front line organisations such as the Police, Retail Radio Scheme, HBID, store security guards, HAND (Hereford Against Night-time Disorder), Balfour Beatty, various Herefordshire Council Departments (such as parking and litter enforcement), CCTV... to name but a few, all had information on the way the city runs at ground level. Sharing that information face to face amongst all partners really helps to inform front line staff on the issues you are seeing in the city.

Meeting once a week and chaired by HBID, the group cover typical subjects such as grot spots, locations of crime, identifying criminals, issues for the vulnerable including rough sleepers etc. - in fact anything that is in the public realm and requires attention or improvement. From here the intention is to fast track any remedial action required which can often be achieved by someone within the group - thus cutting down on bureaucracy and time; the ultimate goal being to get the job done. Anything that the group cannot solve, or has a significant impact upon the city, is reported to a separate tactical group made from senior members of the partner organisations; this is chaired by Stephen Kerry, City Clerk to the City Council and Chief Inspector Dean Jones from West Mercia Police. Finally, sitting above this is the strategic group chaired by John Jones from HBID and is attended by heads and directors of partnership organisations.

Since the group began, there have been many successes, such as the arrest of offenders causing anti-social behaviour and the tackling of problems around rough sleeping - most recently it was found that a small group of people were living here illegally and have now been deported. However, it is acknowledged that there is still plenty to do and we ask all managers, security staff/ front line staff etc. to get involved and attend meetings at least once a month. The more eyes and ears we have to improve things the better the intelligence and quicker the reaction. If you want to get involved, please contact the chair, Mike Truelove, by emailing