Safety Tips for Lone Retail Workers

1. Risk Assessment

Working alone is not illegal however it is the law that your risk assessment must have specific considerations for lone working to ensure the safety of staff in case of injuries or accidents. Ensure all staff are aware of the procedures in place.

2. Care with Cash

Tills should be placed out of reach of customers, with large amounts removed and stored safely to reduce risk.

3. Increase Store Security

Consider installing extra security measures such as panic buttons, CCTV cameras and mirrors to reduce blind spots. Consider extra training including first aid and self defence which can empower people to feel more confident when working alone.  

4. Retail Radio

Join the Hereford Retail Security Group for an average of £1 a day. This allows you to keep in touch with other retailers, CCTV and the police if an incident occurs, or to be made aware of incidents taking place nearby.

5. Join DISC

DISC is free to all Hereford BID members and is an essential app on your mobile phone. You can quickly view individuals’ profiles and mugshots, access reports on the latest crimes, trends and prevention methods and receive any urgent information by instant messages. Accounts can be set up for all relevant staff.

For more information or to sign up for DISC contact