Poppy Appeal

We are rapidly approaching the Poppy Appeal collection season and this year will run from 26th October to 9th November.

To assist and maximise the collection for this worthy cause Alan Cartwright, Poppy Appeal Organiser, would like to understand if your business would be happy to host one of their collection tins. If you have had a tin in the past, they will have you on their list and delivery will go ahead as usual.

In addition, they can also provide Poppy Appeal Wreaths which are available from your local representative. Many companies and business in the area show their support with the purchase and display of a wreath.

If any of the above is of interest to your business, please do use the contact details below and they will ensure that your needs are met for this year's appeal.

Alan Cartwright

Poppy Appeal Organiser

T: 07903 231907

E: alan.cartwright@hotmail.co.uk