New Signage for Hereford City

Hereford BID (Business Improvement District) is proud to announce the latest in a line of successful projects it has delivered in Hereford City Centre over the last four years. The completely new wayfinding system  was one of its key business plan promises and will see the installation of 11 new map boards at the main entry points to the city and key interchange locations around the centre, and 24 fingerposts to link with the map boards creating a network of signs in the centre. This much needed overhaul of the city’s signs is designed to make navigating the city’s streets easier and to promote its main attractions to visitors.

The project has been led by Hereford BID, working in close partnership with Herefordshire Council to develop and test the concept for the project. Hereford College of Arts student Mitchell Adams was one of five students on the BA Graphic Design Course at HCA to submit ideas for the look and feel of the project and his designs were selected for their clear, modern style. The design creates four zones for the city: Cathedral and River area, Station area, High Town area and Old Market area. These zones are depicted on the map board headers through a graphic design representing the area and a related colour scheme,  the colours from which are repeated again on the fingerpost finial denoting which area you are in and the  finger arrows showing the way to other areas.  The project team selected the clear, easily-readable font which is also used in the county “Here you can” and City Life, Country Living branding which Hereford BID has adopted for all of its communications.

Seven companies which specialise in this kind of project were invited to tender, and of these DMA was chosen to deliver the detailed design and installation for the project. Works to install the signs starts on 21st January 2019 and is expected to be complete within three weeks. The project which will cost approx. £115,000 has been funded from the levy paid by city centre businesses to Hereford BID to deliver the projects in its business plan and by a generous contribution from Herefordshire Council’s economic development budget.

Hereford BID Director, Bill Sewell owner of the Café at All Saints’ said, “We are really pleased to see this project completed and believe that the distinctive design complements the city’s beautiful architecture and will be enormously helpful to visitors to the city. What seemed like a straight forward project has been much more involved that we first realised, so we would like to thank Herefordshire Council and BBLP for their help in steering us through the technicalities of working in the public realm”.

Councillor David Harlow, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy and Communications, added: “The new signs look great and really help to support the messages we want to promote about the city: we are a historic city with years of tradition, but we are key players in the 21st century too, with a forward-thinking outlook for our future prosperity, as demonstrated by our support for the new university and the opportunities that will bring”.

From a visitor perspective, Liz Hill who runs the city’s Rural Concierge service and tourist information centre added, “ we are absolutely delighted to have both the signs and the maps.  They will make our job much easier and support our welcome for visitors. We are currently working with the BID on getting Coach Friendly status for the city and the new signs will support our efforts to achieve this”.

Since it was set up in 2015, Hereford BID has delivered, among other projects,  promotional campaigns at Christmas, Easter, over the summer holidays and at Halloween, set up the Ferrous event which attracted 10,000 additional visitors in its first year, has run the hanging baskets scheme, established additional gum removal, furniture painting and specialist cleaning services over and above those provided by Herefordshire Council, lobbied on behalf of business on key issues, decorated empty units, painted alleyways, sorted out pigeon problems in Church Street, and much more.  Hereford BID is well on track to deliver all of its planned projects before the end of its initial five year term.