Hereford Secures Purple Flag Status

Hereford has achieved the prestigious Purple Flag status for its evening and night-time economy. Purple Flag is a town and City Centre Award – similar to the Blue Flag for beaches.

Hereford Mayor, Councillor Sharon Michael, is delighted by the award, “We have something very special going on in Hereford’s Night Time Economy. So many people work so hard to make Hereford a great place to have a good night out. It’s great for everyone’s efforts to promote a fun yet safe night time environment is recognised.”

John Jones, Chair of Hereford’s Business Improvement District, says: “This great achievement puts Hereford among only 70 cities that have achieved Purple Flag status. The award is not just about safety, but also the vibrancy and diversity of Hereford’s evening and night-time offer. This is yet another indication that the city is headed in the right direction.”

Herefordshire Cabinet Member for economy and corporate services, Councillor David Harlow, said, “This is a great example of Hereford people coming together to achieve something very special for the city.”

Comment made to the Purple Flag Assessment Team:  “It’s a very Hereford thing how everybody looks out for one another.”


The unsung heroes behind Purple Flag

The Old Market – Mark Richards Buadramo Customer Services Manager

“The Old Market has made Hereford even more of a destination for a great night out. Our team works hard to make everyone feel welcome and safe. We often watch people home in the early hours.”

Door staff - Andy Welch – Chair of Hereford Against Night Time Disorder

“The role of door staff has changed from what it once was. The door teams play a vital role working with the Street Pastors to make sure everyone has a good time and gets home safe.”

CCTV – Debbie Stringer

“Secreted away in a room watching a bank of 40 screens through the early hours is not easy. Our CCTV team are often first to spot vulnerable people and make sure that they are cared for – no one realises the effort we put in to keep people safe.”

Street Pastors – Steve Sully

“So many of our volunteers are parents themselves – anxious to make sure young people have a good time and to make sure care is on hand when it is needed. The Sixth Form’s Lean on Me volunteers have made a big difference keeping people, who become vulnerable, safe.”

Dan Guerche – OPCC Ambassador

“The Purple flag assessors recognised the exceptional way that everyone in Hereford works together. This has not happened by accident. It’s the outcome of years of hard work between businesses, bar staff, door staff, the small army of volunteers in the Baptist Church, Street Pastors and Lean on Me – all of which I know are very much supported by our PCC John Campion.”

Taxi Licencing – Marc Willimont

“Small things have made a big difference in the taxi community. Putting CCTV in all the taxis has helped both the drivers and their customers and setting up an e-mail account to report complaints through has helped enormously.”