Hereford BID Helping Battle Vandalism in City Centre

Yesterday afternoon, it was brought to the attention of Hereford BID that new graffiti had been spotted in St Peter's Street. So, early this morning our fantastic Handyman Team headed out to clean and repaint the vandalised area, just one of the many jobs this hardworking team do to improve the look of the city.

Through our Team Hereford Bronze Group, we know that this is not the only incident of this tag appearing in Hereford, allowing us to monitor the situation and pass on information to the police.

Our handymen carry out a range of tasks including:
 - Vacant shopfront cleaning
  - Gum clearing
  - Weeding
  - Litter picking
  - Street furniture repainting


If you are aware of any further tagging or damage in other locations within the city centre, please report it via the DISC app or email