You may have seen ours and our partners, recently launched campaign for a Priority Hour to help those shopping for the vulnerable and elderly with a guaranteed slot each Wednesday morning. What we need now, more than ever, are shops that would like to take part.

Getting involved is easy. If you are opening in line with Government advice, sell essential food and/ or medicine, could open 0830 - 0930 each Wednesday for those shopping on behalf of someone in need (the elderly and vulnerable), then please get in touch today!

By taking part you are contributing a huge amount to your community by providing welcome assurance to those most in need, that their shopping can be picked up, with a better chance that it will be what they want and need. In return ourselves and partners that are listed in the photo will publicise your business to over 200,000 readers and listeners on a regular basis, whilst the initiative is required.

So please, if you can help, get in touch today by emailing: