BUSINESS GRANTS (UPDATED 1.4.20) | Coronavirus

CRITICAL MESSAGE TO BUSINESSES | Herefordshire Council is identifying small businesses, leisure and retail that will be eligible for the soon to be released government grant - and need your details to pay you. They will be in touch but the task is huge; you could help them though, and help yourself in the process by shortening the time it takes.​

To speed things along, we urge businesses to do the following:

Step 1: Open an email, it needs to go to -

Step 1: State your name, business name and address

Step 2: State the bank a/c payee name

Step 3: State your 6 digit sort bank code + 8 digit bank account number

Step 4. State your bill reference number - this can be found on your rates bill or you can search online by clicking here

Step 5: Send

It is understood that asking for bank details is concerning. If you wish to email the Council (via the email given in this post) and ask for your property reference number to check the recipient knows this, then please do so. Alternatively, a cheque can be requested - but please supply the payee name on your business account.

You can also check out this information direct on the Council's website: