BID LEVY | Payment Options

As a business representative organisation we recognise that local business, and our levy payers in particular, are facing unprecedented challenges that could potentially threaten both sustainability of individual traders and the prosperity of the entire city.  We want to do everything we can to support you and the community at large.  We are conscious demands for payment of the Levy, ‘landed on your desks last week’, with what must seem in the circumstance, unfortunate timing.  In fact we are obliged by the BID rules and legislation to issue these demands as a result of the ballot held last October.  Never-the-less, we understand that for some levy payers, there may not be the cash flow to meet this cost amongst all the other demands that are now being placed upon you. 

Following discussion at a national and local level, we would like to offer our members the following:

  • Delay their payment until Tuesday June 30th 2020, by which time at least 50% of the payment should be paid and received by us into the bank account specified on your bill.
  • The remaining balance to a maximum of 50% will be due on Wednesday 30th September 2020. This is the final date funds should be paid.

What you need to do if you want to delay payment

  • If your business wishes to take advantage of this arrangement you must write to us only at the email below (in blue) confirming this and that you want to enter into a binding agreement to pay by the dates described.
  • All requests should be sent by email to in writing no later than Monday 13.4.20 stating your business, contact name, address and confirmation that you are the authorised person to make this decision and that you accept this is legally binding.

Any request after this date cannot be accepted.