Hereford BID brings Alice to the city

Hereford BID launch an Easter Trail Event with the consumer-facing Hereford City Life brand

On Saturday 31st March Hereford City Life brings Alice in Wonderland and her friends to Hereford. Alice will help you solve riddles dotted around the city – the more riddles you solve, the more chocolate you win!

Alice by the Bull.JPG

Find Alice at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in High Town and she will give you a FREE Riddle Sheet. Once you solve a riddle you must get your sheet stamped at the correct location.

Join the fun with all the family, when you have a completed riddle sheet (one per person) you can claim the prizes!

Collect 4 Riddles to win a Creme Egg

Collect 7 Riddles to win a large Easter Egg

Collect all 10 Riddles to win both!

Alice and friends will be in Hereford city between 11am and 5pm on Saturday. You can solve riddles throughout the day, but you must return to High Town to collect your chocolate prizes before 5pm.

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