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Courses in 2017/2018

In January 2017 we launched our winter training program - free to levy-paying businesses. Courses were designed in response to the feedback you have given us on the sort of help you would like and ranged from First Aid to visual display skills. So far we have trained over 140 members. 

Please select the training course you would like to attend and click on the link to book your place: 



20th February 2018 - Small Business Social Media & Digital Marketing Skills 

Delivered by Ben Kinnaird from Rather Inventive this powerful and packed session is for those looking to understand how they can use social media/ digital marketing to build and enhance sales.

You may be new to the subject or wish to build on what you already have - both are fine and essentially the course is broken down into three areas:

Understand your market
Covert to sale .

Delegates will leave the course with plenty of ideas and a way to take the next step - whatever their circumstances.



6th March 2018 - Confessions of a Mystery Shopper... (Ideal for retailers and independents)

Mystery shoppers are used across the UK by leading retailers to help them understand how to maximise sales through positive consumer’s experience, in the eyes of the customer. Wouldn’t it be great if we could directly hear from one of these companies on the most common issues they see, allowing you to learn from their mistakes and benefit from their experiences?

Delivered by Matt Taylor of Storecheckers, we are thrilled to offer businesses the chance to hear directly from a Mystery Shopper Company who is also a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Delegates will learn about customer loyalty, what makes for a good sales experience, how to never lose a customer and the secrets of true customer service.



6th March 2018 - Confessions of a Mystery Shopper .. (For the Evening and Night Time Economy)

This course has been designed specifically for businesses operating in the evening and night time economy and is delivered by Matt Taylor who has over 15 years of industry experience in running his own venues.

Matt is now a manager at one of the UK's leading Mystery Shopper companies, Storecheckers, and will be sharing his experience on the most common issues reported. These include: customer loyalty, what makes for a good sales experience, how to never lose a customer and the secrets of true customer service.



13th March 2018 - Planning for a Terrorist Attack or Critical Incident (Project ARGUS) Course 

For Managers/Directors

Aimed at the decision makers within your business, this Home Office funded session helps you explore ways to prevent, deal with and recover from a terrorist attack or critical incident.

Your training session includes taking you through a terrorist attack simulation with plenty of thought provoking questions and ideas to help you formulate a response particular to your own companies needs.

Delegates will leave the session with ideas and steps that will promote the safety of their staff and continuity of their business should the unforeseen occur.



14th March 2018 NEW DATE Monday 26th March 2018 - Detect and Protect Against Crime (Project Griffin) 

For Managers and Front Line Employees

This course is suitable for managers and front line employees responsible for the safety of their staff and/ or customers such as security or front of house reception.

Funded by the Home Office the session aims to prepare attendees to detect and protect against crime - this ties in to any policies senior managers may have developed by attending the Planning for a Terrorist Attack or Critical Incident (project ARGUS).



14th March 2018 NEW DATE Monday 26th March 2018 - Document Verification for Legal Employment

UK employers must perform 'due diligence' to ensure that staff they take on can legally work here.

Funded by the Home Office, this course will help you understand the checks you should be conducting as well as learn about the security features built into ID such as passports or driving licences.

NOTE* Please bring along your own Driving Licence & Passport so that you can personally make reference to them during the training.



19th March 2018 - Good Customer Service to the Disabled

What's the Purple Pound Worth?

A recent survey by Leonard Cheshire Disability found that 40% of disabled people identified difficulties whilst accessing shops and services and so shop online rather than visit our towns and cities, including Hereford.

This session will allow delegates to learn more about giving good customer service to people with disabilities with hands-on training on a range of sensitive issues; teach through real life case studies; talk about safeguarding and explain what you need to do to be compliant with equality law.

Delegates on this course will come away from the session with a good overview of their responsibilities, both legally and ethically, and feel more confident about serving disabled people.



20th March 2018 - Business Cybercrime in Hereford

Delivered by Paul Crumpton of West Mercia Police this session offers a fascinating insight into cybercrime at the sharp end of business.

During this session you will learn about current and future threats and how fraudsters target businesses including preventative measures to defend yourself.



21st March 2018 - Merchandising to Sell 

Effective Merchandising and Display Skills

We all remember a memorable shop display, whether that be a giant lego statue or some mouth watering jams displayed in a National Trust site! Effective merchandising does not happen by accident. However, some retailers are better at it than others and on this course you will be guided by Peter Holloway on some of the fundamental points to this critical skill. These include shop layouts, telling a merchandise 'story', special displays and effective ticketing and marketing.

Due to the popular nature of this course we have 15 spaces available on a first come basis - we do therefore ask that your availability is guaranteed when booking.



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