Consultation and Planning

Plans are now well underway to seek a new mandate for Hereford BID for a second 5-year term starting in April 2020. In February, we invited businesses to complete the Hereford Business online survey and this was followed by an invitation to join one of several discussion groups in May and June, an opportunity for you to give us feedback on the BID – what has worked well, what hasn’t and to tell us what projects you would like to see in a future BID. We have also been out to visit as many of you as possible in person, to test the ideas that we have developed following the survey and discussion groups.

The BID Board and staff team have used all the information you gave us to develop the new business plan, which will be published in the next couple of weeks and which eligible businesses will have the opportunity to endorse or reject through the BID ballot.

The focus for the new plan is marketing – making sure we promote Hereford locally, regionally and beyond to tell as many people as possible about the great offer that is available in Hereford. We have also listened to your request for a louder voice for business with other partners locally and your desire to see Hereford look more attractive, be safer and be more welcoming – all these aspects are reflected in the projects planned for BID2.

Headline projects:

  • Loyalty app
  • More events
  • Professional marketing
  • More flowers
  • Fill empty units
  • Louder voice for business
  • More networking

Plus, all the projects you said you wanted to keep from BID1.


What has changed from BID1?

In preparing for BID2 the BID Board has looked carefully at all the BID rules and has made some changes. Full details are in the Business Plan, but here is an overview.

The threshold at which businesses start paying levy will increase to a rateable value of £10,000.  This means that some of you who are currently part of the BID and voted last time, won’t receive ballot papers this time.  You will still be very welcome to be part of the BID as voluntary members. We will be in touch after the ballot to explain how you can do this. Following positive feedback from the office sector, the BID Board has also decided to include all office-based businesses.

The BID levy has been set at 1.5% to enable us to deliver the projects you have told us you want, and we plan to raise additional funding from elsewhere to provide a better return on your investment.  This rate is in line with similar towns and cities. The BID area has been extended slightly to reflect the changes in activity at the edge of the current BID area.


The Vote

The current BID Board is the proposer of this new plan and, as set out in the national BID regulations, Herefordshire Council is the ballot holder. The Council has delegated the job of running the postal ballot to independent election organisers Electoral Reform Services, who also ran the 2015 ballot.

You have all been sent a voter nomination form so that you can tell us who you want to cast your vote in the ballot. ERS will send the ballot papers to the address these forms were sent to unless you (or your head office) have provided alternative information. 

What happens next?

9th September                   Launch of the 2020-2025 BID2 Business Plan

12th September                 All eligible voters will be sent a formal Notice of Ballot and will

                                            receive a copy of the Business Plan

26th September                 Start of postal ballot

1st October                        5pm – 7pm BID2 event At All Saints Café with light refreshments

24th October                      5pm close of ballot

25th October                      Announcement of ballot result

You will receive full information on how to vote from ERS. If you need to appoint someone else to vote for you, a proxy, you can do this until 14th October. If you don’t receive ballot papers and think you should have done, let us know as soon as possible so that replacement papers can be sent to you on Friday 18th October.

If you want any more information about BID2 please email or